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The latest news from ISME
Images of various music being performed
30.11.2018 | News
2018 grant recipients announced
The well deserved recipients have been announced for the 2018 grants round. Congratulations to them all.
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Clifford Madsen
27.11.2018 | News
Clifford Madsen: Honorary Life Member
Clifford Madsen is awarded an honorary life membership by ISME
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Gareth Dylan Smith
19.11.2018 | News
On Earning the Right to Teach Music
What gives you the pedagogic authority to teach music? A blog post from Gareth Dylan Smith. Your comments are invited.
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16.11.2018 | News
Report from ISME Research Commission/ADOMU conference in Buenos Aires
Fifty years after the first ISME International Seminar on Experimental Research, ADOMU and ISME have held Jornadas de Investigacion en...
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Lee Higgins and Julie Ballantyne standing in front of huge poster of conference featuring photos of them
15.11.2018 | News
Lee Higgins represents ISME in Indonesia
Lee Higgins represents ISME at new conference in Indonesia
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Graham Bartle is 90 years young
31.10.2018 | News
Graham Bartle. Ninety years young!
ISME marks the 90th birthday of honorary life member Graham Bartle.
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Marie McCarthy black and white photo
30.10.2018 | News
Marie McCarthy awarded an honorary life membership
Honorary membership of ISME is reserved for very special people in music education. It has been awarded to Marie McCarthy.
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30.10.2018 | News
First Impressions of Helsinki – ISME World Conference Venue 2020
Angela Ruggles, CEO of ISME, visited Helsinki for a planning meeting for the ISME World Conference in 2020. These are...
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Roger Mantie challenges you to make good on music
30.10.2018 | News
Making good on making music
What do you do when not working or doing other obligated tasks like grocery shopping, cleaning the house, child care,...
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