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As a member of ISME, you are furthering the development of music education internationally – by supporting the Society that works on your behalf for the betterment of music education in all parts of the world. In doing so, you help make the world of music education much stronger professionally, politically and theoretically.

ISME has different types of paid membership: 

  • Individual,
  • Student (full-time students and for a maximum of four years) 
  • Group membership.

Each membership runs for two calendar years from January to December. The fee to become a member depends on the country in which you are based and, for group members, the size of the group.

Honorary Life Membership is bestowed upon individuals who are recognised for their dedication to the Society and to music education

On joining you will draft your own membership profile, including the particular areas of ISME work in which you have an interest. You choose whether or not to make your profile public to all ISME members or to only share your details with the ISME administration and co-ordinators of the Commissions or Special Interest Groups which represent your interests. 

Dr. Carina Joly
Musicians Health and Wellness SIG
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Spain, Finland
Dr. Guadalupe López Íñiguez
Guadalupe López-Íñiguez (b. 1983) is a Spanish musician and interdisciplinary researcher based in Finland. She is currently Adjunct Professor of Music Education at the Sibelius...
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Hong Kong
Prof. Bo-Wah Leung
Through education, make music accessible to all!
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Mr. Markku Kaikkonen
Chair of the Special Music Education and Music Therapy Commission
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Japan, Hong Kong
Dr. Koji Matsunobu
Member of ISME Board
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United States
Dr. Lisa A. Crawford
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United States
Dr. Carla Aguilar
Chair to the Commission on Policy: Culture, Education and Media
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Dr. Rosa María García Ortiz
Rosa María García Ortiz menart@uaz.edu.mx +52 4921284999 Docente-Investigador Universidad Autónoma de Zacatecas. Integrante del CACUAZ-115 área de Arte y Cultura Miembro (fellow) de la Cátedra...
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Dr. Alfonso Elorriaga
Choral educator & Researcher about the adolescent's changing voices
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