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ISME members are drawn from around the world and are engaged in the broadest defintion of the profession. Members are invited to create a profile in the membership database to enable other members to find them if, for example, they are looking for partners for collaborative research and enables ISME to send targeted communications. Individual members are also featured on the ISME website home page.

Members can choose whether or not to make their profile public. This means not all ISME members are shown in the option below.

Hong Kong
Prof. Bo-Wah Leung
ISME President (2022-24)
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United States
Dr. Suzanne Burton
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Mr. Markku Kaikkonen
Chair of the Special Music Education and Music Therapy Commission
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United States
Dr. Marie McCarthy
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United States
Convenor of the Assessment, Measurement and Evaluation SIG
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Brazil, Brazil
Dr. Luis Ricardo Silva Queiroz
Luis Ricardo Silva Queiroz, The Federal University of Paraíba, Music Education Department and Graduate Program, Faculty Member. He got a Ph.D. in Music/Ethnomusicology (Federal University...
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Prof. Silvia Villalba
Silvia Esther Villalba, se desempeña en la actualidad como docente de la Facultad de Artes, Diseño y Ciencias de la Cultura (FADyCC) de la Universidad...
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United States
Ms. Lisa Heinrich
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Dr. Wynnpaul Varela
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