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ISME members are drawn from around the world and are engaged in the broadest defintion of the profession. Members are invited to create a profile in the membership database to enable other members to find them if, for example, they are looking for partners for collaborative research and enables ISME to send targeted communications. Individual members are also featured on the ISME website home page.

Members can choose whether or not to make their profile public. This means not all ISME members are shown in the option below.

Dr. Hubert Gruber
Convenor Practice and Research in Integrated Music Education (PRIME) SIG
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South Africa
Dr. Bridget Rennie-Salonen
An award-winning flautist, with extensive and diverse music education experience, Bridget is a sought-after pedagogue and performer. Her internationally connected interdisciplinary research in musicians' health...
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Hong Kong
Prof. Bo-Wah Leung
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Hong Kong
Dr. Marina Wong
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Finland, Finland
Prof. Heidi Westerlund
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Brazil, Brazil
Prof. Leonardo Borne
Léo Borne, PhD, is a Brazilian music educator, researcher and recorder player. His fields of interest regarding music education are: music theory, ear training, aural...
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United Kingdom, United Kingdom
Mr. Paul Fletcher
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South Africa, United States
Dr. Ambigay Yudkoff
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Ms. Caroline Waihing Ng
MEd., BA(Hon) in Music (Performance/Pedagogy), Piano Instructor of Hong Kong International Institute of Music , Lecturer of Hong Kong Design Institute & Recipient of “Teacher’s...
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