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ISME members are drawn from around the world and are engaged in the broadest defintion of the profession. Members are invited to create a profile in the membership database to enable other members to find them if, for example, they are looking for partners for collaborative research and enables ISME to send targeted communications. Individual members are also featured on the ISME website home page.

Members can choose whether or not to make their profile public. This means not all ISME members are shown in the option below.

United Kingdom
Mr. Ronald Smith
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Canada, Canada
Dr. Roger Mantie
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Australia, Australia
Dr. Clare Hall
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Ms. Aingeala De Burca
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United Kingdom
Dr. Zack Moir
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Dr. Donna Weston
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Ms. Cynthia Kinnunen
Cynthia is a passionate music educator based in Guelph, Ontario, where she runs a number of education initiatives in the community, as well as supports...
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United Kingdom
Ms. Clare Adams
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Dr. Robin Freeman
Robin J. Freeman is a singer, conductor, educator, and researcher, connecting people through music and drama.
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