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The International Journal of Music Education is the official journal of the International Society for Music Education.


The International Journal of Music Education is the official journal of the International Society for Music Education. It is, therefore, the prime vehicle for dialogue and exchange between music educators in around 80 countries across the world and representing the various disciplines within music education. The editorial board of the IJME represents the most prominent scholars and practitioners from around the world and the journal is the only scholarly publication representing the best practices and research with a world-wide scope. The four issues of IJME per year focus individually on documenting scholarly research, and innovative practices in teaching and learning. Included from time to time is a special showcase issue targeted at timely topics and issues of relevance to the world of music education. The uniqueness of the journal is that it covers the full range of topics and methodologies relevant to music education theory and practice as well as important issues that are currently being addressed within the profession. IJME is published by Sage Publications.

Subscription Information

ISME Members will receive four issues per year of the IJME as part of their membership subscriptions (Group Members will receive one copy of each issue - sent to the contact address).

ISME Members will receive free access to IJME online as part of their membership subscriptions.

Non-ISME members and Institutions can subscribe to IJME directly though SAGE Publications.

IJME issues

Each issue will include articles relating to both Research and Practice:

Research: scholarly reports that enhance knowledge regarding the teaching and learning of music with a special interest toward an international constituency and of interest and relevance to the international community.

Practice: articles relevant to advancing the practice of music teaching and learning at all age levels with issues of direct concern to the classroom or studio, in school and out, private and group instruction.

Submitting articles

To submit an article to the IJME, visit the IJME website.

International Editorial Board

Details of the members of the International Editorial Board for the IJME can be seen here.

In January 2018 IJME was expanded to 672 pages a year, providing 160 more pages for members papers.