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many people of many ethnicities in a circle, holding hands and looking up
Decolonising and Indigenising Music Education
Decolonising and indigenising music education through promoting music education research, practice, and partnerships for and with Indigenous communities.
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Popular Music Education
This special interest group is focused on education in, through and about popular music.
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Assessment, Measurement and Evaluation
Improving music teaching and learning through the dissemination of new knowledge and practices of assessment, measurement, and evaluation in music...
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Applied Pedagogies
Offering educators a wide array of pedagogical applications from well-established and emerging theories of instruction. Was the Active Music Making...
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Music Technology
For those who share interests in music technology; and to disseminate research / knowledge to help others incorporate music technology...
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Practice and Research in Integrated Music Education (PRIME)
A worldwide network among researchers and practitioners in Integrated Music Education
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Spirituality and Music Education
Provides space for researchers, theoreticians and practitioners to discuss this special interest.
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Musicians' Health and Wellness
To disseminate crucial health and wellness information for educators to assist students to develop their musical skills in a healthy...
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The Jazz Special Interest Group (Jazz SIG) provides information for educators who want to learn how to teach jazz and...
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