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Report from ISME Research Commission/ADOMU conference in Buenos Aires
16 Nov 2018
Patricia Gonzalez, Commissioner for the ISME Research Commission, Professor of Music Education, Universidad Autonoma de Chihuahua, Mexico

Fifty years after the First International Seminar on Experimental Research in Music Education of the International Society of Music Education (Reading, UK, July 1968), the Association of Music Teachers in Argentina (ADOMU), under the auspices of the ISME Research Commission, celebrated its legacy in the field of music research by organising the Jornadas de Investigación en Arte, that took place at UADE Foundation, in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on October 11-12. This initiative was promoted by Dr. Ana Lucía Frega, Honorary Life Member and former Commissioner, Chair and ISME president.

The research studies presented at the conference showed the interest of the scientific community in Latin America to place research as a key element to improve music and music education. Consistent with the format commonly followed by the Research Commission seminars, all the accepted research papers were distributed in advance and during the seminar epistemological and methodological aspects for each of the studies were discussed. The papers presented showed a great diversity of topics of interest to artists and educators, such as the Latin American cultural heritage, art and its social role, curricular design, music perception and cognition, and popular music genres, among others. Discussions generated during the conference are an example of collegiality and collaboration to explore through research the problems that affect our region, and the importance of bridging the gap between research and practice. 


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