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The latest news from ISME
16.10.2019 | News
Report from IV Pan American, XII Latin American and ISME Regional Conference for the Americas 2019
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16.10.2019 | News
Why attend a pre-conference seminar?
Reasons to attend an ISME pre-conference seminar ....
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24.09.2019 | News
Member information repository
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Facebook logo
19.09.2019 | News
Why not join in with ISME's dedicated Facebook groups?
Did you know ISME has a number of Facebook groups that are supported by Commissions and Special Interest Groups?
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Pre conference seminars call for submissions open
02.09.2019 | News
Pre-conference seminar submissions open
ISME Pre-conference seminars are open for submissions
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22.08.2019 | News
Tribute to Minette Mans
Tribute to Minette Mans who died in June 2019
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Membership survey invitation
16.07.2019 | News
Invitation to participate in a member survey
Members are invited to participate in a survey about ISME
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Two children in local costume in Yakutsk singing and dancing
12.07.2019 | News
Report on The Music for All Project in the Sakha Republic (Yakutia), Russia
Update on project seeded by ISME in partnership with the local community Yakutsk, Russia
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25.06.2019 | News
Could dealing with uncertainty transform music teacher education?
Worried about cultural ignorance or stylistic inauthentiticy when including intercultural initiatives in music education?
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