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The International Society for Music Education provides a book review service

The International Society for Music Education provides a book review service, featuring books that members have found useful and believe should be shared for the benefit of other members.

Links to book reviews are at the foot of this page.

If you are interested in submitting a review for a book, download the guidelines below.  Please note that:

  • You must be an ISME member to submit a review, but the book doesn't have to have been written by a member
  • Physical books or e-books are not accepted. The submission must be a book review

The requirement is that the book must be relevant to the world of music education and part of the submission process is to indicate which ISME Commission(s) or Forum the book review is most relevant to.

Any questions can be directed to the Chair of the Publications Committee.

Guidelines for submitting a book review Download
04.12.2019 | Publications
REVIEW: This Too is Music (2nd ed.) by Rena Upitis
Review of This Too is Music (2nd Edition) by Rena Upitis. Review by Julia Brook.
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02.07.2019 | Publications
REVIEW: Valuing music in education: A Charles Fowler Reader. Edited by Craig Resta
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27.06.2019 | Publications
REVIEW: A Way of Music Education: Classic Chinese Wisdoms by Victor C Fung
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19.03.2019 | Publications
REVIEW: Design and analysis for quantitative research in music education by Peter Miksza and Kenneth Elpus
There is a natural correlation between music and mathematics, yet quantitative analysis may be daunting to the music education researcher...
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19.03.2019 | Publications
REVIEW: Music, education, and diversity: Bridging cultures and communities by P.S. Campbell
Patricia Shehan Campbell’s latest book condenses more than 35 years of professional and personal expertise surrounding multicultural music education into...
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21.08.2018 | Publications
REVIEW: Strange tools: Art and human nature by A Noe.
In Strange Tools—Art and Human Nature (2015) Alva Nöe proposes a new way of understanding and valuing art. A review...
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08.05.2018 | Publications
REVIEW: Music across the Senses: Listening, learning and making meaning by Jody L Kerchner
This is one of those rare books that, theoretically presenting an in-depth subject - in this case “listening” - brilliantly...
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