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Spirituality and Music Education


The Spirituality and Music Education Special Interest Group was formed in response to the growing interest in and research about music education and spirituality. It is a space were researchers, theoreticians and practitioners discuss and explore various topics of spirituality in music education.


The SAME SIG's mission is to establish a framework within which the interrelationships of music and spirituality can be explored and developed holistically on a practical, theoretical and research level. 


The aims of the SAME SIG are to

  • Establish and maintain an international community of music education academics, researchers and practitioners with an interest in topics of spirituality

  • Provide music educators with specific tools and methods to integrate spirituality into everyday music education practices

  • Foster intercultural and inter-spiritual dialogue, understanding and collaboration among practitioners and researchers in the field of music education and other relevant fields of music practices

  • Promote a spiritually-sensitive and informed culture in music education practice and research


The SAME SIG achieves its mission through:

  • Attending international symposia and conferences on music education and spirituality
  • Publishing a book series, edited by June-Boyce Tilman and published by Peter Lang
  • Curating a series of world conference presentations that are designed to share information and take forward best practice


Click here to contact the SIG  Convenor, Amira Erhlich.

There is also a YouTube playlist on the ISME YouTube channel.