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The health and well being of musicians crosses the entire spectrum of musicians of all disciplines, performing and non-performing. Our primary mission is to provide educators a broad and diverse stream of conference sessions focusing on essential health and wellness information. Educating musicians on this crucial information will positively affect the wellbeing of countless future musicians throughout the world, helping to stem the growing numbers of injured musicians and also providing strategies for maintaining their psychological health. The intent of this special interest group is to offer sessions that will encompass the physiological and psychological needs of beginning music students (of all ages) to seasoned professionals performing at the highest level.

Potential topics include:

  • The development of efficient and natural technique
  • Injury prevention strategies
  • Healthy practicing techniques
  • Diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation and recovery from injury
  • Handling stress and dealing with performance anxiety
  • Prevention of hearing loss
  • Health benefits of recreational music making
  • Understanding neuroscience and its impact on music learning
  • The lesson environment and its effect on the student’s self esteem and desire to learn
  • The varied uses of technology in the field of wellness
  • Adapting the instrument to the musician


The aims of the Musicians' Health and Wellness SIG are to disseminate crucial health and wellness information to provide educators the tools to assist their students develop their musical skills in a healthy way that will enable them to maintain a lifetime of joyful music making.

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