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Music Technology


The Music Technology Special Interest Group was set up in 2006 as the Music Education Technology group, in 2010 it was invited to become a special interest group and this was confirmed at the ISME World Conference in 2012.


The Music Technology SIG provides a gathering place for the sharing of research and knowledge from around the world in relation to the use of music technology in music education. This gathering place includes leaders, practitioners, researchers and thinkers in the field of music technology and music education.


Music technology is a relatively new addition to music education and the aim of the Music Technology SIG is to provide a central focus through which developments can be disseminated.


The Music Technology SIG achieves its mission though curating a sequence of world conference presentations that are designed to reflect on, analyse, evaluate and discuss current practice about the inclusion and further development of music technology in music education.


Click here to contact the Music Technology SIG convenor, Lee Cheng

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