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Disability Studies and Music Education


The Disability Studies in Music Education (DSME) Special Interest Group was set up in 2022 was invited to become a special interest group in Aug 2023.


The mission of the ISME Disability Studies and Music Education (DSME) SIG is to promote music education research, practice, and partnerships with the disability community. The SIG provides an international forum to engage with research, practice, and discussion with all who share an interest in this topic. The SIG contributes to the advancement of the discourse concerning disability studies in music education by fostering discussion about theoretical, philosophical, methodological, policy, and practical issues. Fundamental to this mission is the meaningful inclusion of disabled persons’ voices and approaches for change at the intersection of music and education.


The aims of DSME are to:

  1. Establish and maintain an international community of music education scholars, researchers, and practitioners with a particular interest in furthering disability studies perspectives in music education;
  2. Provide an international forum for individuals committed to centering disabled voices and epistemologies in conversations about disability and music education;
  3. Develop and share emerging theories and practices of music education that champion disability studies perspectives and disability-centric ways of knowing and doing music;
  4. Facilitate regional and global interactions and collaborations in research, teaching and music practice, developing resources to engage in local disability justice action;
  5. Promote music teaching, learning, and teacher preparation that are grounded in disability studies;
  6. Center intersectional disability justice frameworks alongside disability rights in all conversations, research, and practice that emerges from the DSME SIG.


Click here to contact DSME SIG Convenor, adam patrick bell regarding any queries related to the DSME SIG.

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