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Early Childhood Music Education Commission (ECME)


The Early Childhood Music Education (ECME) Commission of the International Society for Music Education was founded in 1982.

Its intent is to further the quality of research and scholarship in the field of early childhood music education and, through that, to stimulate thought and the practice of early childhood music throughout the world.


The ECME Commission's central purpose is to share and promote current ideas in early childhood music education that are based on research and best pedagogical practices and assure every child's right to musical development, thereby enhancing the quality of children's lives.


To mission of the ECME Commission is to:

  • Provide an international forum for the exchange of ideas regarding the various ways in which children may participate in their own musical culture
  • Improve the quality of research and pedagogy in the field of music education world wide
  • Stimulate thought and effective practices in recognition of every child's right to music education
  • Examine the effect of music on children in changing societies


ECME accomplishes its mission by:

  • Holding a seminar immediately before each world conference
  • Contributing to the ISME electronic newsletter regarding early childhood music education, and soliciting and publishing articles in other ISME publications
  • Endorsing extra occasional courses which focus in greater depth on promoting the general practices and principles of the commission
  • Presenting early childhood sessions at ISME world conferences
  • Working to reach early childhood music educators throughout the world - to maintain regular contact through the ISME communications and the biennial conference and seminar.


Click here to contact the ISME ECME Commissioner Lauren Kooistra.

Join the Facebook group. You don't have to be an ISME member to join.

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