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Music in Schools and Teacher Education Commission (MISTEC)


The Music in Schools and Teacher Education (MISTEC) Commission held its first seminar in Switzerland, in 1976. It is one of the oldest commissions of ISME and concerns itself specifically with music education in schools, curricula, assessment and teacher education.

MISTEC promotes and supports the effective teaching and learning of music in school settings through increased understanding of curriculum development, instructional practices and innovations in music teacher education.


MISTEC believes that music should be made available to all students in all schools and at all levels by professional music educators. It further supports the premise that teacher education programs should aim to produce highly qualified future music teachers and support their continuous professional development. MISTEC believes in its international role as a body for promoting theoretical and practical innovation, research methodologies and policy development to meet the challenges faced by music educators worldwide.


The mission of MISTEC is to promote and support:

  • The development of research expertise in the field of music teacher education, including the creation of new methodologies
  • The development of theoretical innovation and new practical approaches for music teacher education
  • International collaboration between professionals from different regions of the world, including the setting up of joint research projects between different institutions
  • The exchange of multicultural resources and innovative teaching approaches between ISME members who work in teacher education
  • Policy discussion aiming to share experiences between professionals and institutions from around the world
  • Colleagues around the world to influence the formation of educational policies so as to ensure that there will be quality music education for all children


MISTEC accomplishes its mission by disseminating research and information through various publications, networking offered to ISME members and by holding a seminar immediately before each world conference. MISTEC also hosts a public discussion group on Facebook as a means of sustaining the community between seminars.


Here are the MISTEC Commissioners for the 2022-2024 biennium:

  • Dr. Lily Chen-Hafteck - Commission Chair
  • Dr. Chi-Hin Leung
  • Dr. Wendy Brooks
  • Dr. Elissavet Perkaki
  • Mr. Adam Świtala
  • Dr. Marci Malone DeAmbrose 


Click here to contact the MISTEC Commission Chair, Dr. Lily Chen-Hafteck

Join the MISTEC Facebook group. You don't have to be an ISME member to join.


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