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The 2022-24 Parsons Music Advocacy Award Recipients

The 2022 -24 Parsons Music Advocacy Awards are offered in co-operation with the International Society for Music Education (ISME).  ISME is responsible for the management of these awards.  The awards will focus on music education practices and advocacy activities that support sustaining music education opportunities in schools and communities.  The awards will provide funding for individuals or teams to develop and implement local music education advocacy efforts. Music education advocacy has been a long-term objective of ISME and this has traditionally been based on evidence-based research to support the value and benefits of music learning and continued participation or involvement in music making.

The Parsons Music Advocacy Awards are valued at $5,000USD each.  There are 10 awards to be made during this 2022-24 biennium.  Two awards are to be allocated to each of the ISME regions being – the Americas, Asia-Pacific, South Asia, Africa/Middle East and Europe.

Below you will find more information about each participants as well as their project summary.

Congratulations to the following recipients-

Africa Region

  • Joaquim Borges, Mozambique
  • Lawrence Branco Sekalaggo, Uganda

Americas Region

  • Donna Gallo, USA
  • Bryan Powell, USA

Asia-Pacific Region

  • Gordon Lee Chun Lok, Hong Kong
  • Ashley Wright, Marshall Islands

European Region

  • Jennie Henley, United Kingdom
  • Maria Kramvi, Cyprus

South Asia Region

  • Suharto, Indonesia
  • Rizu Tuladhar, Nepal
Joaquim Borges A Gove Project Overview Download
Lawrence Branco Sekalegga Project Overview Download
Donna Gallo Project Overview Download
Bryan Powell Project Overview Download
Gordon Lee Chun Chok Project Overview Download
Ashley Wright Project Overview Download
Jennie Henley Project Overview Download
Suharto Project Overview Download
Rijz Tuladhar Project Overview Download
Maria Kramvi Project Overview Download
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Mr. Joaquim Borges Gove
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Dr. Lawrence Branco Sekalegga
Dr. Branco Sekalegga, a Fulbright scholar and a native of Uganda. He is a music educator, composer, and performer. He earned a Bachelor’s degree in...
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United States
Dr. Donna Gallo
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United States
Dr. Bryan Powell
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Hong Kong
Mr. Chun Lok Lee
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United States
Ms. Ashley Wright
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United Kingdom
Prof. Jennie Henley
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Mrs. Maria Kramvi
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Dr. Suharto Suharto
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Mr. Riju Tuladhar
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