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The Early Childhood Music Education Commission invites you to join us and Guest Speaker Dr. Amanda Niland (University of Sydney) for a session exploring our 2024 Theme, Enhancing a Sustainable Future with Music in Early Childhood


As we look from our vantage point into the future of music in the lives of young children and in the world, we ask: What does it look like to fruitfully and beneficially nurture spaces for young children to experience and explore their personal musicianship, in connection to the diverse places within which they live and move, their communities and musical partners? How do environment and musicality interact to provide for rich spaces of well-being, personal expression, and communal interaction? How do we foster opportunities and maximize possibilities for every learner to engage in meaningful musical play and experience?  By exploring how we as educators might enhance a sustainable future with music in early childhood, we aim to understand the many roles and situations our youngest learners are faced with from day to day, and how music-making, learning, and teaching can be best supported throughout our communities. 


Join us as Amanda speaks to her thoughts regarding what enhancing a sustainable future with music in early childhood means to her. Anyone with an interest in early childhood music is welcome to join the discussion.

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