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Zoe Dionyssiou is Associate Professor of Music Education at the Department of Music Studies, Ionian University, Greece. She is the Director of Studies in the MA Program “Music Education” at Ionian University, and academic co-ordinator of the Program “Music in early childhood education” (Centre for Life Long Learning at Ionian University). She coordinates a series of community music educational programs organized by Ionian University (music education courses for babies and toddlers, interdisciplinary music-based educational programs in museums, art galleries, libraries, community music groups in prisons, etc). She is co-editor of the scientific journal Musical Pedagogics. She is the scientific coordinator for the Project “Euterpe - Digital Music Repository,” a project designed upon the receipt of ISME - Gibson 2012 award to both the Greek Society for Music Education and Lilian Voudouri Music Library. She was partner to the program “MusiChild: Mediterranean Early Childhood Music Education” (Erasmus+, 2014-16), partner to the project “The soundscape in which we live” (Erasmus+, 2016-19). She is also academic co-ordinator for the project “Singing Greek: Digital repository for the teaching of Greek language and music through Mariza Koch's songs”, supported by the Hellenic Parliament. Some of her main research interests include early childhood music education, folk musics in education, interdisciplinary music and art programs, and children’s traditional singing games. Since 2012 she co-ordinates the music education performing group "Aneva milo - Kateva rodi", which consists of university students and explores folk and contemporary music material in performances with educational orientation.