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The latest news from ISME
22.08.2019 | News
Tribute to Minette Mans
Tribute to Minette Mans who died in June 2019
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Membership survey invitation
16.07.2019 | News
Invitation to participate in a member survey
Members are invited to participate in a survey about ISME
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Two children in local costume in Yakutsk singing and dancing
12.07.2019 | News
Report on The Music for All Project in the Sakha Republic (Yakutia), Russia
Update on project seeded by ISME in partnership with the local community Yakutsk, Russia
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25.06.2019 | News
Could dealing with uncertainty transform music teacher education?
Worried about cultural ignorance or stylistic inauthentiticy when including intercultural initiatives in music education?
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24.06.2019 | News
Coming into the music community
What is a music community and how can you build one through empathetic engagement?
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Logo for the 34th ISME World Conference in Helsinki
06.06.2019 | News
World Conference website is live
The 34th ISME World Conference website is now live
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31.05.2019 | News
Strengthening links between formal, informal and non-formal music education
Elizabeth Andang'o asks a tough question.
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INSEA abstract image
22.03.2019 | News
UNESCO International Arts Education Week
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Patrick Schmidt Join the Conversation
21.03.2019 | News
Music, Education and Agency: Everyday Tools for Policy Participation
If we are able to move away from traditional … views of policy as synonymous to rules and regulations, we...
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