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Wendy is currently the CEO of Young Regional School of Music, one of NSW's 17 regional conservatoriums.

Wendy has been a passionate music educator since completion of her undergraduate degree in music education in the mid 1980s, teaching in several primary and secondary schools in western Sydney. Her postgraduate studies, conducted through Sydney Conservatorium of Music (the University of Sydney) between 2007 and 2015 investigated the place of creative arts in the 21st century curriculum (Masters) and music and screen media in the lives of young children (Doctorate). Between 2011 and 2017, Wendy worked as a lecturer in music education and creative arts education at Sydney Conservatorium of Music and Western Sydney University respectively. She maintains a keen interest in teacher education, and continues to mentor trainee teachers through Sydney Conservatorium, and non-specialist primary teachers through the National Music Teachers Mentoring Program.
Since 2017, Wendy has worked within the Association of NSW Regional Conservatoriums, the peak body for a network of 17 community-run institutions that support music education and performance in regional communities through collaborative leadership, expertise and advocacy.Facilitating school and community music programs, Wendy is committed to broadening access and equity to music education for students in regional areas.