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Elissavet Perakaki serves as teaching and research staff in the field of Music Education (University of Athens, Department of Musical Studies). She holds a Ph.D (2009) and bachelor from the above University. The title of her dissertation is “The development of Critical Thinking through music lessons in secondary school: the teaching for thinking method”. She has taught music in public primary and secondary schools and in conservatories (theory of western music and guitar lessons), since 1998. She cooperates with the Greek Institute of Education and the Music Library of Greece “Lilian Voudouri”. She has also published papers in conferences and journals in the field of Music Education. She is the author (Fagotto: 2008, 2009) and co-author (Fagotto: 2018 & 2023 and Ellinoekdotiki, 2021) of five books in Greek. She is a member of Greek Society for Music Education (GSME) and she currently is in the board of ISME’s Music in the Schools & Teacher Education Commission (MISTEC) the period 2020-2026.

Selected Publications in English:

  • Perakaki, E. (2022). Refinding my soul as a music teacher": the flipped classroom in face-to-face lesson after quarantine. In I. Harvy & K. Rees (eds). Proceeding of the 35th ISME Conference (pp. 183-188).
  • Perakaki, E. (2018). “Music harms you”: A refugee student narrates his music learning journey. In B. Merrick & M. L. Bowe (eds). Proceedings of the 33rd International Seminar of the ISME Commission on MISTEC, (pp. 55-65).
  • Perakaki, E. (2016). Digital teaching scenarios as a supplementary educational tool for music teachers. In Sm. Chrysostomou & S. A. Ruthmann (eds): Proceedings of the 32nd International Seminar of the ISME Commission on Music in Schools and Teacher Education (MISTEC), pp.70-78, ISBN: 978-0-6481219-2-3 (ebook).
  • Perakaki, El. (2014). Let’s introduce a composer to pupils. In: Sm. Chrysostomou (ed.) Innovative Applications in School Music Education, Day-Conference on Greek Music Education, 11 July 2012, Komotini Athens: GAPMET (pp. 166-173). • Perakaki, El. (2013). Can a music course on Greek Traditional Music change pupils’ dispositions? A classroom teacher research project. Hellenic Journal of Music, Education and Culture, 4(1),