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The latest news from ISME
Margre van Gestel is a guest blogger talking about music for pre school
30.01.2018 | News
Music with 0-4: just fun, music education or even more?!
All over the world parents sing songs for and with their children. Margre van Gestel talk about how and why...
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ISME announced extended grants program, in partnership with NAMM Foundation and Sempre
26.01.2018 | News
Extended grants program announced
ISME has announced an extended grants program to support members in their work.
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30.12.2017 | News
Understanding education/art under the influence of global currents, and education within the framework of the problems of refugee children (Iraqi/Syrian) in Turkey.
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Magali Kleber
30.12.2017 | News
The Music Educator and Social Justice: Challenges and Commitments.
Several studies have highlighted the importance of music in the development of the socio-cultural identity of peripheral, poor populations such...
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Bangalore palace
30.12.2017 | News
Report from the first ISME South Asia Regional Conference in Bangalore
Report from the first ISME South Asia Regional Conference in Bangalore, India in November 2017.
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Susan O'Neill is the new president elect of ISME
30.11.2017 | News
Opening address at the 23rd National Congress for ABEM, Brazil
Susan O'Neill, President Elect ISME, opened the 23rd National Congress for the Brazilian Association of Music Education in Manaus, Brazil.
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Join the conversation with Koji Matsunobu
20.11.2017 | News
Why world music, again?
There is a recurrent need for teaching world music in the East Asian context, says Koji Matsunobu.
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Petri Aarnio
20.11.2017 | News
Report from the 3rd Biennial Finnish National Conference of Music Education
Petri Aarnio, President of FISME (Finland) reports about their conference and how it succeeds through the co-operation of all actors...
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Magali Kleber
30.10.2017 | News
Report from the 11th ISME Latin America Regional Conference
Report from the 11th ISME Latin America conference from Magali Kleber
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