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The latest news from ISME
Anna Vernia Carrasco
17.08.2017 | News
Report from SEM-EE in Spain
Anna Vernia Carrasco, President of SEM-EE, which is the ISME national affiliate, provides a report about music education in Spain.
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Kathryn Deane
16.08.2017 | News
Kathryn Deane to be a keynote speaker at the 33rd ISME World Conference
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Glenn Nierman
16.08.2017 | News
Report from NAfME in the US
Report from NAfME: the ISME national affiliate in the United States of America by Glenn E. Nierman, Immediate Past President,...
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30.07.2017 | News
Report from ISME Commission on Special Music Education and Music Therapy
The commission on Special Music Education and Music Therapy was established in 1974. This is an overview of this mission...
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Dr Ahmad Sarmast
27.07.2017 | News
Dr Ahmad Sarmast from the Afghanistan National Institute of Music to be a keynote speaker at the 33rd ISME World Conference
First of our keynote speakers announced for 33rd World Conference: Dr Ahmad Sarmast
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WAAE logo
19.07.2017 | News
WAAE seeks assistance with a new project
The World Alliance for Arts Education (WAAE) is delighted to be working in association with a new project. Global Arts...
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33rd ISME World Conference logo
19.07.2017 | News
33rd World Conference Website Launched
33rd ISME World Conference website is now live
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Arthur Gill
18.07.2017 | News
ISME member wins IMC Music Rights Award 2017
ISME member Arthur Gill's Pakistan Special Education Centre in Gujrat City has won the 2017 Music Rights Award from the...
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Milca de Paula
17.07.2017 | News
My Music Education Life: Milca de Paula
Milca de Paula, ISME member from Brazil and recipient of a 32nd World Conference Award, outlines her music education life...
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