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The latest news from ISME
21.02.2022 | News
Invitation: Voice from my Country
Make your country's voice visible in the ISME 35th World Conference in a short video to be played to all...
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10.02.2022 | News
Voice from my country
For the 35th ISME World Conference we inviting our members to make their voices visible by providing a flavour of...
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04.02.2022 | News
Registration is open
Registration for the 35th ISME World Conference is open. The conference will be virtual, across five days with live content...
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31.12.2021 | News
Announcing the ISME Online Cafe
The ISME Online Café, where music education practitioners and students across the globe met as a pre-launch to share their...
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02.12.2021 | News
Time to renew!
For around 25% of members it's time to renew. Click here for more info!
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29.11.2021 | News
The 35th ISME World Conference is to be staged virtually
As COVID 19 continues to disrupt around the world, ISME has made the decision to make the next world conference virtual.
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28.10.2021 | News
World Conference submissions report
World Conference submissions are in line with previous conferences, boding well for July 2022.
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18.10.2021 | News
Call for sponsors for the ISME World Conference
Why not be a partner for the World Conference?
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05.07.2021 | News
Why attend an ISME World Conference?
There are many reasons to attend an ISME World Conference and here some members explain their reasons.
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