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Voice from my country
10 Feb 2022

For the 35th ISME World Conference we inviting our members to make their voices visible by providing a flavour of the world they live in.

Voice from my country

We are calling for expressions of interest to produce a 3-5 minute video titled ‘voice from my country’. In short, the conference delegates can't come to your country, so can you bring your country to them?

It’s entirely up to you what that view would be but it might be:

  • Introduction and brief performance using an instrument that’s indigenous to or typical of your country
  • Meet my students
  • Tour of my school/university
  • Tour of my instrument cupboard
  • A day in my life as a music educator
  • An overview of music education in your country or institution/organisation

It can be serious or humorous. It can be challenging or uplifting. Feel free to be creative and innovative.

The video does not need to be professionally produced. The primary goal is to include members voices in an authentic way.

These videos will be shown during the virtual world conference. Between each conference session there is a five minute break. These videos will be played during those breaks. They will also be available on demand.

Expression of interest

At this point we are asking members to submit an expression of interest with a brief outline of what their video would include. The ISME team will then review all EOIs and invite some to create a video. The aim is to create a program that is diverse and inclusive, and that provides insights into the lived experience of music educators around the world. To submit an EOI go here. Deadline is 18 March 2022.