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World Conference submissions report
28 Oct 2021

The World Conference call for submissions is now closed and the final number is in line with the previous conferences in Porto Alegre, Thessaloniki and Glasgow. This is both good news for ISME and good news that, even in difficult times, music educators are resilient, supportive of this important event and keen to share their work with the music education community.

In ISME's history, the only conference that has exceeded this number of submissions was Helsinki, which was set to be a record conference, adding to the sadness when it had to be cancelled due to the pandemic. 

Here is a screenshot from the submissions dashboard for the 2022 World Conference:


It makes for a very busy admin office when all those submissions come in right on the deadline! 

The Scientific Committee, chaired by Andrea Creech, is about to begin their work and invitations are scheduled to be issued in late January.

FAQ: why are there some submissions logged after the deadline? This is administrative. Those were submissions with issues that needed resolving before the technology would accept them. Once the issues were resolved they were logged  as 'post deadline' but all were submitted before deadline.

Conference website is here.