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The latest news from ISME
Magali Kleber
30.10.2017 | News
Report from the 11th ISME Latin America Regional Conference
Report from the 11th ISME Latin America conference from Magali Kleber
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30.10.2017 | News
Report from CMA: the Community Music Activity Commission
Community Music Activity Commission: invitation to attend the pre-conference seminar in Tbilisi, Georgia
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Pre conference seminars call for presenters extended to 15 December
15.10.2017 | News
Pre-conference seminars lead up to the 33rd World Conference
ISME Pre-Conference Seminars 2018
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Gregory Brown
04.10.2017 | News
ISME to receive donation from Gregory Brown
Donation is from sales of a special edition musical work composed by Gregory Brown that inspired the new book from...
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Susan O'Neill is the new president elect of ISME
30.09.2017 | News
Global Music Education: Connectedness Through Music and Community
Susan O'Neill, ISME President Elect, considers how music educators might promote open-mindedness, unity, respect, cultural diversity and human rights.
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Join the Constitution and Bylaws Consultation. Members Only. Closes on 31 January 2018
26.09.2017 | News
Constitution and Bylaws Change: Member Consultation
ISME invites members to participate in the review of the Society's constitution and bylaws.
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Pamela Pike
22.09.2017 | News
Report from CEPROM: Education of the Professional Musician
Pamela Pike, Chair of CEPROM, outlines the commission's activities and discusses the pre-conference seminar for 2018.
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Sheila Woodward
22.09.2017 | News
The International Music Council: Opportunities for ISME Member Collaboration
ISME's relationship with IMC opens a host of opportunities for ISME members
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Matilde Berbel
19.09.2017 | News
Report from ADOMU in Argentina
Matilde Berbel, Chair of ADOMU which is the ISME national affiliate, provides a report about music education in Argentina.
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