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Volunteers at the 2012 Conference
History Standing Committee (HSC)


The mission of the History Standing Committee is to identify and create opportunities to celebrate and showcase the history of the Society and music education internationally. To accomplish this mission, the work of the committee will include:

  • Acting as a liaison between the ISME Board and the Curator of the Special Collections in Performing Arts at the University of Maryland where the ISME archives are housed
  • Encouraging ISME officers to submit materials to the ISME archives
  • Submitting all documents created by the Committee to the archives
  • Soliciting grants for developing and maintaining the archives
  • Recommending policies, guidelines and criteria to the Board on how ISME may effectively document the history of the Society and music education internationally
  • Planning and offering history sessions at the ISME biennial world conference
  • Maintaining and updating a history section within the ISME website
  • Producing historical materials that can be disseminated in ISME publications, journals, newsletters and the ISME web
  • Interviewing prominent music educators worldwide, so that their contribution can be properly recognized and documented in articles and resources produced by the Society
  • Serving as a resource for ISME members who are interested in historical aspects of music education internationally
  • Developing closer ties with national organisations and other networks that have an interest in historical issues in music education internationally

International History of Music Education

The History Standing Committee manages a dedicated website which outlines the history of music education around the world. It can be found here.

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