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29.06.2017 | Events
ISME Regional Conference in Africa 2017, co-hosted with PASMAE
The Pan African Society for Music Education and the Arts is holding its conference co-hosted with ISME. The conference will...
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18.04.2017 | Events
ISME European Regional Conference 2017
The 2017 ISME European Regional Conference is held every second year in conjunction with the European Association for Music in...
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Lee Higgins. President. ISME. Presented to members at the General Assembly his plan for the next biennium
28.07.2016 | Events
Lee Higgins presentation: ISME is an 'all season' society
At the General Assembly 2016 Lee Higgins, President, ISME outlined to members his plans for the next biennium for the society.
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Farewell to Glasgow following the 2016 World Conference
24.07.2016 | Events
32nd ISME World Conference - Glasgow 2016
The 32nd World Conference of the International Society for Music Education took place in Glasgow in July.
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Awards and sponsored delegate recipients 2016
21.07.2016 | Events
ISME sponsored delegates and award winners 2016
32nd World Conference Award and Sponsored Delegate Recipients
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04.08.2015 | Events
Conferencia Regional Latinoamericano de Educacion Musical de la ISME 2015
Music education in the Americas: current situation and challenges for the future
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10.07.2015 | Events
10th Asia Pacific Symposium for Music Education Research (APSMER) 2015
Music Education for the Future Generation
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27.06.2015 | Events
Pan African Society for Music Arts Education (PASMAE) Conference 2015
Pan African Society for Music Arts Education (PASMAE) Conference
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20.07.2014 | Events
31st ISME World Conference - Brazil 2014
Listening to the musical diversity of the world
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