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The mission of the Publications Standing Committee is to advise the ISME Board with respect to ISME publications, whether print or electronic. To accomplish this mission, the work of the committee should include:

  • Establishing publication policies, guidelines and criteria, in consultation with appropriate ISME personnel and Editors;
  • Coordinating and facilitating the efforts of the Editors and Editorial Committees, who will report to this committee (with the exception of the Newsletter Editor, who will report to the Secretary General);
  • Soliciting and reviewing applications for Editors and Editorial Committees, and presenting recommendations to the whole Board at the meetings held during each Conference year. The Board will make the final appointments in consultation with the Publications Committee;
  • On-going evaluation of ISME publications, procedures, and policies, including making and recommending revisions as appropriate;
  • Monitoring publications to ensure they represent appropriate cultural and language diversity with respect to contents, authorship, editorial committees, etc.; and
  • Advising and assisting the Secretary General, ISME Board, and Editors, as required.

The committee's work would not normally include:

  • micro-managing the on-going work of the ISME staff or officers, the Editors or the Editorial Committees, or
  • responsibility for the fiscal or production aspects of publications, except in an advisory capacity.