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Applied Pedagogies


The Applied Pedagogies Special Interest Groups provides structured opportunities to demonstate the connection between theory and practice for a range of music education pedagogies. 

Originally called Active Music Making, this SIG now embraces all forms of music-making applications and not just those associated with general or classroom music.


The mission of the Applied Pedagogies SIG is to communicate and demonstrate the mutually informative relationship between music education theory and practice. More specifically, this is practice informed by theory and theory applied to practice.


Often, music researchers and practitioners do not share a common ground that links theory with applied practice. Accordingly, this SIG offers a meeting point where ISME members can experience practice informed by theory, and theory applied to teaching and learning practices. The SIG's aims are to provide international meeting points at ISME world conferences, with particular emphasis on the music-making practices of the host country.


The Applied Pedagogies SIG accomplishes its mission by curating a sequence of world conference presentations that are designed to demonstrate the connection between theory and applied practice. In 2020, Applied Pedagogies organised its first pre-conference event of workshops to introduce and explain music education pedagogies. These were from local musical teachers who might otherwise have been involved in the world conference.


Click here to contact the SIG Convenor, Daniel Johnson.

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