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Brazil Development Project


Following the 2014 conference in Porto Alegre Brazil ISME's profile in the country has grown significantly with some 500 Brazilian ISME members at the time of the conference. Despite the regulation of Music Education as mandatory in Brazilian Schools provision for music education in School Education is patchy, Teacher Education is uneven in its servicing of the profession, whilst music practices in Community Music sector provides the bulk of activity. This proposal seeks to partner ISME and ABEM in the development of a series of Awards that may be applied for competitively to support theory and practice developments in these areas.

School Music Education Award

This category includes all types of music and music education projects to be developed in public regular schools in Brazil. The emphasis could be on:

a) the implementation of music in the curriculum;

b) the production of resources for music classes at different educational levels;

c) the methodologies of music education to be applied in diverse contexts. 3 awards will be offered to the amount of $1,500.

Teacher Education Music Education Award

For this category, the projects could focus in different aspects regarding the preparation of music teachers for basic education in Brazil. The themes could include: a) the initial and continuing music preparation of generalist teachers; b) the initial and continuing preparation of music teachers; c) the educational policies for the preparation of music teachers in Brazil. 3 awards will be offered to the amount of $1,500.

Community Music Education Award

The projects for this category must be directed to actions developed at diverse out of school contexts. The projects could be directed to children, young or adults, focusing on the various dimensions of music education. Projects involving choir, band, orchestra, popular music groups, traditional music groups, and other music activities are expected in this category. 3 awards will be offered to the amount of $1,500.

The mechanism for the solicitation, assessment, and awarding of these will be managed by Sergio Figuereido (ISME/ABEM Liaison) with all applications reviewed by a consultative body comprised of the ISME Awards committee and ABEM Board members.