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We believe that everyone has the right and ability to make, create, and enjoy their own music. We believe that active music-making should be encouraged and supported at all ages and at all levels of society. Community Music activities do more than involve participants in music-making; they provide opportunities to construct personal and communal expressions of artistic, social, political, and cultural concerns. Community Music activities do more than pursue musical excellence and innovation; they can contribute to the development of economic regeneration and can enhance the quality of life for communities and contribute to economic regeneration.

Community Music activities encourage and empower participants to become agents for extending and developing music in their communities. In all these ways Community Music activities can complement, interface with, and extend formal music education.


The commission aims to:

  • Facilitate the exchange of information on areas relevant to the field of community music;
  • Encourage debate and dialogue on different international perspectives on community music and on current issues within the field;
  • Encourage international cooperation;
  • Where possible enter into dialogue with musicians and music educators in related fields;
  • Disseminate research and other information.

General information

The commission was established in 1982 (Einar Solbu, Norway, chair) following previous formations as the Education of the Amateur Commission (1974), with Magdalena Stokowska (Poland) as Chair. The name changed to the Out of School Activities Commission in 1976 and was chaired by André Ameller (France) from 1976-1982. The first independent seminar was held in 1988.

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Dr. Brydie-Leigh Bartleet
Co-Chair of the Community Music Activity Commission
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Dr. Mari Shiobara
Co-Chair of the Community Music Activity Commission
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Dr. Flavia Candusso
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Dr. Mary Cohen
Community Music Activity Commission
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Dr. Magali Kleber
Member of the ISME Board
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Mr. Peter Moser
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Ms. Gillian Howell
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Dr. Te Oti Rakena
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