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Visit 2020 World Conference


Preceding each world conference are a number of pre-conference seminars. The calls for presenters is now open and due to close on 15 December. Applicants must be ISME members in order to submit, and it is important to note that application/renewal of membership can not be done at the same time as submission. It takes 3-4 working days for the administration to be completed.

ISME Research Commission: Dubai, UAE: 8-13 July

ISME Community Music Commission: Tbilisi, Georgia. 10-14 July

ISME Early Childhood Music Education Commission: Shefa'Amr, Israel. 8-13 July

ISME Education of the Professional Musician Commission: Almaty, Kazakhstan. 11-13 July

ISME Commission on Policy: Culture, Education and Media: Munich, Germany. 10-13 July

ISME Music in Schools and Teacher Education Commission: Prague, Czech Republic. 8-12 July

ISME Music in Special Ed and Music Therapy Commission: Salzburg, Austria. 12-14 July

Forum on Instrumental and Vocal Teaching: Baku, Azerbaijan. 13-14 July