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ISME-Sempre music education research grant recipients announced
30 Apr 2021

In 2020, SEMPRE - the Society for Education, Music and Psychology Research - once again partnered with ISME to offer grants for music education research. The recipients were announced in April 2021 and they are:

  • The impact of using music education activities as an intervention for alleviating effects of COVID-19 pandemic. Submitted by Beatrice Digolo, Kenya
  • Empowering music education for students with special needs through Sabah folkloreSubmitted by Stefanus Lucas, Malaysia
  • Embracing music with Indigenous roots in music education: Moving beyond words and towards a meaningful collaboration with local music culture bearers. Submitted by Hector Vazquez Cordoba, Mexico
  • Rewriting the decolonising and indigenising narrative: A South African case study. Submitted by Alethea de Villiers, South Africa
  • Hototo! (Song of the fearless spirit): A project of freedom and resistance, unity and hopeSubmitted by Marsha Baxter, US

Congratulations to them all and they will be presenting their findings at the 35th ISME World Conference in Brisbane.