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ISME grant recipients share their programs and progress
24 Aug 2020

 In 2018 ISME inaugurated a grant program and funding was provided to eight organisations to implement music and music education programs around the world.

 The recipients were:

  1. St Aloysious School, Kampala, Uganda for their choral program
  2. World Music Fridays at the performance hub, run by the University of Wolverhampton, UK
  3. Vini Ansanm, Port au Prince, Haiti
  4. Yorkshire Sound Women Network, Yorkshire, UK
  5. The Ecosonic Playground Project, University of Massachusetts, Lowell, US
  6. Traditional Music Transmission, Sahara Desert, Morocco
  7. Bomba and Plena for Anturce, Santurce, Puerto Rico
  8. The Musical Leisure and You Project, Scarborough, Ontario, Canada

 This is a video featuring the recipients in 2020, two years after receiving the grants, with an outline about their program and how it has progressed due to the ISME grant funding.


As ever, ISME is extremely grateful for the support from the NAMM Foundation and SEMPRE, whose funds directly were invested in these grants.