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The conference isn't over yet! 33rd ISME World Conference showcase website launched
15 Aug 2018

You may think that the world conference for 2018 is over but we have gathered all the photos, videos and transcripts in one place in a showcase.

Re-live the mugham and the dancing at the opening ceremony, the Sammi soundscape and vibrant hot tunes from cool Finland at the closing ceremony, the four keynotes.... and much, much more.

It was a bold decision to go off the beaten track and take the biennial world conference to Baku, Azerbaijan. It is not a part of the world ISME has been to before. It was definitely the road less travelled for many members so the expectation was that it would likely be a smaller conference than usual, which it was. The Board strongly felt, though, that as an international body it was important to go to places that might feel less comfortable, that are culturally different, and where there is a lot to gain by sharing amongst all participants.

It was so wonderfully surprising. The warm, friendly and welcoming people. The rich and exciting music culture. And, of course, cherry juice!

​This conference's success now paves the way for future partnerships and collaborations in the region. A new conference, announced in Baku, will be the first step. Once again, this will bring together music educators from across the Turkic region and will be held in Istanbul in 2019. This will help cement connections between the Turkic region and  ISME, and may lead to a regular regional conference.

This showcase is a work in progress.. more is to come. And if you have video or photos you would like to contribute, feel free to email or Dropbox them to us.

The showcase can be found here.

Next world conferences:
Helsinki, Finland: 2-7 August 2020
Brisbane, Australia: 17-22 July 2022