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ISME supports the Directory of Music and Music Education Institutions
08 Nov 2023
Graham Bartle OAM

The idea of compiling an international directory involving music and music education institutions was the brainchild of the late Professor Sir Frank Callaway, former Honorary President of the International Society for Music Education (ISME) and one of its founders in 1953. The Directory is a considerably expanded development of an earlier 1968 UNESCO International Directory of Music Education published in conjunction with ISME.

First appearing as a hard copy edition in 1990 and followed by several revised versions, the current online edition, compiled and edited by myself, Graham Bartle, OAM, delivers details on the higher music and music education institutions in 229 countries, with material on over 3,500 institutions giving contact details, indications of program and qualifications they offer, significant library and museum collections they hold and any unique aspects of their courses and campuses.

Many of these institutions are music departments within universities or conservatories regarded as university-equivalent, others are teachers’ colleges - a mix of government institutions and private music schools, with the emphasis throughout on post-secondary music training. In countries where no such training opportunities exist the entries include the highest level available within that country. Understandably the current political situation in a number of countries has meant that verification of material has not always been possible, so in these cases the entry describes the last known information of the situation.

The compiling of the Directory has been made possible by a unique combination of several wonderful elements and circumstances. Firstly the University of Melbourne’s generous policy of study leave in the latter part of the twentieth century enabled me to travel to 108 countries to visit in person over 1,000 of the music schools included in the Directory. Secondly, it is difficult to find words to express the strength of wise encouragement and practical generosity of the awesome Judy Thönell, former Secretary General of ISME. She, together with the visionary Sir Frank Callaway provided the stimulus to maintain the momentum when the task seemed too difficult to pursue. Without the gentle and uncomplaining support of my wife Ruth and family members during my extended overseas visits, and especially the warmth of welcome on returning home, the Directory would never have reached its final form. Grateful thanks!

You may view the directory here.


Graham A R Bartle OAM
Melbourne, Australia
September 2020.