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Professor Yuanyuan Li is in vocal education. Since 2019 when Covid-19 started, she has been innovating a hybrid LivePBL project (Linking Vocal Education through Project Based Learning. The project has been collaborating with the China team specialised in music, UK team in all inclusion and technology,  Nepal team in social work and development.  LivePBL has been piloted and performing shows engaging with students at all levels to develop skills, through music, for all-inclusive, cultural,  and sustainable social development. The project has successfully organised the only China's independent workshop on London International Conference on Education 2022 and has led underrates, as well as postgraduates' teams, having published three journal papers and four proceeding papers. 

Professor Li sits in colleges and universities’ panels, and a number of professional vocal competitions in China and abroad. Participated in and held more than 50 "solo concerts", "multi-person concerts" and "teaching concerts". The students have won nearly a hundred awards in vocal competitions in China and abroad.  She mainly teaches vocal singing skills, opera rehearsal, vocal performance basics, vocal teaching methods, MOOC vocal music literature and teaching methods, vocal singing skills training and research, vocal performance and artistic practice, stage art practice and academic exchanges, vocal stage performance and Line expression skills training, etc.

She graduated from the Central Conservatory of Music University with a bachelor degree. In 2008, she was awarded by the China Scholarship Council to go to Moscow State Normal University for further study and obtained a master degree. She has been studying for a PhD degree from 2019 to present. She is at the Music College, Capital Normal University, Beijing, China. She is a member of China’s National Music Academy, Beijing Music Academy, and International Society for Music Education.