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Active practitioner/researcher with special interest in human voice acoustics, improvisation and soundscape studies


And thanks for dropping by :)

I'm Tua (she/her). I'm a singer/improviser/vocologist/teacher currently working as a music educator in teacher training. Apart from trying to constantly figure out how to facilitate better my special interests are vocology, improvisation, listening and acoustic ecology. I am especially interested in how we can express ourselves through our voices and how we can train for true self-expression in different acoustic environments.

I have a PhD in vocology from Tampere university. My thesis was about emotion expression in the human voice. I did my masters at Estonian Academy for Music and Theatre in Contemporary improvisation and for my Bachelor's I first went to the New school for jazz and contemporary music, and when I ran out of money I finally got them from Metropolia UAS graduating as a voice teacher.

I look angry, but am friendly, so don't be afraid of approaching me :) I'm always happy to meet new people.