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Member of the ISME Board MISTEC Commissioner

A Professor of Music Pedagogy and Didactics, Faculty of Music Studies, University of Athens, Greece, where she teaches undergraduate and postgraduate courses. She also teaches at the Long Distance MA course on Music Education, University of Nicosia, Cyprus.

She is the head of the Aesthetic Education team in the ''Digital School'' national project - the creation of media-enriched e-books and digital learning objects in Music, Visual Arts and Drama for compulsory education.

A member of the Editorial Board for the International Journal of Music Education-Practice as well as the Greek journals Mousikopaidagogika and Music in Primary Education. Her book, Music in Education: the Dilemma of Interdisciplinarity (2005, in Greek) is used in many undergraduate courses in Greece as a recommended textbook.

An ISME member since 1994, regular presenter in conferences and MISTEC Seminars, hosted the MISTEC Seminar in 2012 in Komotini, Greece.



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