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Shree Lakshmi Vaidyanathan is an independent researcher based in Bangalore, India. Two decades after graduating with a Bachelors in IT Engineering with distinction from Pondicherry University, India, she graduated with a Masters of Music in Music Education from Boston University, USA, where she was conferred the coveted "Music Education Departmental Award" in May 2023.

Shree has taught music and other subjects like mathematics, computer programming and spoken English in various contexts in India and Indonesia, but her primary interest lies in teaching music in multicultural and multilingual music Indian classrooms, especially kindergarten. Shree is also passionate about teaching music to children who would otherwise have no access to music education.

Shree has been active in the ISME South Asia Regional Conferences since they commenced in 2017. She is also part of the original ISME Student Chapter (est. July 2022) and helped build the Leadership Team over the next year.  

She is the ISME Communications officer since July 2023 and can be contacted at