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 Ms. Rozalina Gutman is internationally recognized music educator, multidisciplinary scholar, concert pianist, award winning song writer, Artivist and Citizen of the World, presenter at Intl conferences. W A T C H  HER PRESENTATION with urgent message, she had prepared upon invitation to present at 29th ISME Research Commission, and as a part of pre conference events for 35th World Conference for ISME, focused on the utmost urgent duty to grasp the approaches of NO BUSINESS AS USUAL, due to having to face the fact of living during COUNTDOWN’2045 to the onset of fast approaching Zero Sperm Global Crisis (forecasted by 60+ global studies),  that demands to re-evaluate irrelevant priorities that brought humanity to the current crisis of SENSORY OBLIVION, caused by DISability TO FEEL PAIN WARNINGS from normalized and illegally legalized chemical toxicity, that surrounds us, as the part of contents of most consumer products (more details below). Observed evidence of Bach Sensory Deactivation Effect, reflected by music of Bach, points  to pivotal role of intellectual leadership of music educators (including the global reach of ISME, under auspices of UNESCO) in our society in propelling  MUSIC-centered Sensory Reawakening, as the key survival(!) mechanism to prevent inter-hemispheric imbalance from current widespread Sensory Oblivion among the society, while music education remains a privilege

 Ms. Rozalina Gutman chose the name of J.S.Bach to honor his mindset of neuroscientist in discovered by her textbook changing SOCIOSOMATICS of BACH SENSORY DEACTIVATION EFFECT - reflected through music of J.S.Bach and otherwise elusive subliminal root-cause of many various mental malfunctions and blind spots, including both brain flaws, caused through interaction of individual  and collective consciousness (such as Milgram Effect of social influences for complicity with harmful authority’s orders, Asch Effect of social influences for conforming to groupthink mindset, Lucifer Effect of social influences for cruel misuse of authority (Stanford Prison Experiment, etc.), finally pointing to the unaccounted earlier solutions for the  complex social brain problems on individual and collective consciousness levels (that include social engineering propaganda of group aggression, used for war excusiology).  Her strive to honor Bach’s timeless visionary ARTivist rebellion to provide humanity with the viable tools of counterpoint to emotional shutoff with music-centered SENSORY/EMOTIONAL REAWAKENING, is driven by one of most urgent implications of above evidence discovery - its example to frame the grasp and to address most urgent outcomes of deactivated self/collective-preservation instinct, caused by sensory deactivation of PAIN-alarm to normalized chemical hazards, offgassing in many manmade consumer products, that nevertheless produce indiscriminate harmful cumulative effect, resulting in sharp increase of ENVIRONMENTAL ILLNESSES, including UNrecognized, yet very fast approaching by 2045 onset of GLOBAL INFERTILITY  - as soon as during generation of grandchildren of today’s adults (along with dramatically increasing multitude of other environmental illness, currently unlabeled as such by profit-driven medical industry...) Thus, under-publicized painful agony of HUMAN EXTINCTION will onset, unless paradigm change in collective consciousness could be accomplished during current decade - very narrow window of opportunity during COUNTDOWN’2045. And it can be accomplished through learning the skills to harness joy-based Music instinct 

Ms. Gutman’s  passion for advocacy of Music and Arts Education and Therapy inspired her to initiate the idea of C.H.A.R.I.S.M.A. that stands for Communities Heal through Assuring the Rescue, Inspiration and Support for Music and the Arts (Visit now and again  that is in the process of changing into the interactive public forum platform).

She was invited personally by Vice President of the Commission on Music/Arts Education at the  Chinà’s Ministry of Education to lead Intl Symposium on Advocacy for Music Education through Brain/Music Research, at 29th World Conference for ISME, in Beijing. (Her intellectual leadership propelled her to take serious personal risk, in order to embark on the 10-hour flight after having to bare incapacity of the medical industry to resolve her Women-specific Heart Attack, due to the medical crisis around this gender inequality issue in medicine.) She had been also invited to Intl conferences to share her unique high efficacy teaching method that produced prodigious success among young children. She led live masterclass presentation, and her published peer-reviewed Article presented summary, including integration of the therapy-strategies for designing Flow environment for Authentic Expression for her piano students, encouraged to focus on authentic narratives from their very early steps.  

Rozalina Gutman’s recent discovery of BACH SENSORY DEACTIVATION EFFECT was illuminated by the evidence, related to her another sensational epiphany for obscured by collective blind spot hilarious meaning of Fugue-Parody of J.S.Bach. This polyphonic maverick can serve as “container” for embodying and high efficacy resolution of COGNITIVE DISSONANCE - otherwise hidden, hard to grasp aspect of the unconscious mind, accompanying unpacked compound trauma.  

It came with Eureka! of multidisciplinary brain/music implications of using music’s transformative power for healing and advancing human brain beyond its limitations by the evolutionary relics of implicit ancient instincts, promising immeasurable influence for our entire society.  This discovery calls for the engagement into worldwide discourse of the worldwide audiences of some of the best minds of the human race - the world famous recording pianists to discuss their experience of implicit impacts of biographical distortion that led to the false educational standard, resulting in collective multigenerational blind spot for hard to miss, sharp, deliberately left unresolved, underscored by rhythmic syncopation, known to be prohibited during composer’s era dissonant sonorities.

Contrary to the paradoxically common repression of emotions in the music of J.S.Bach, evidence proves that the  music of this rebelling Timeless Genius was intended to be played with  nuanced emotional expression, in fact, in defiance of the strict rules of his time for music composition that were limiting the key part of music - the sincere and resonant portrayal of the emotional experience.  Such performance is the best for projecting polyphonic clarity, essential for grasping the elements of multilayered polyphonic complexity. Grouped by her collection of samples for the repeated paradoxical error of omitting hard to miss sharp dissonant sonorities is the rare and invaluable  demonstration of the undeniably evident data to be utilized by the brain sciences about largely missed by the researchers universal trend of implicit emotional self-repression. When left unopposed by s Prop Al engagement, it demonstrated the hidden from conscious perception evolutionary ancient flock/herd instinct, being capable to turn off the physical senses (in this case, vision and hearing) and to cause localized blind spots under unconscious pressure to conform to the dominant convention, that has the capacity to enslave human mind into self-destructive pursuits. Such aspects of sensory perception may be hard to reflect fully through verbal translation  without becoming aware of it through using special associations through music/arts metaphors.  

Music educators are in possession of unique capacity to foster the skills of harnessing Music instinct to help reawaken these existential, yet debilitated sensory capacities and to restore and to maintain balance of the brain hemispheres, heart-brain link, conscious/unconscious cognition, that is fundamental to the optimal cognitive function, as well as critical for the urgent reawakening of our self/collective preservation instinct.  And thus, music education has to be made accessible to each and all members of the society, in order to help use full capacity of the human brain and to elevate currently dangerously low level of collective consciousness, threatening humanity with multiple manmade global threats to civilization.

That is why, Ms. Rozalina Gutman calls upon all governance bodies of ISME to claim intellectual leadership in our society and to create the framework for INTL AGENCY TO ENFORCE  COMPLIANCE WITH BRAIN/MUSIC RESEARCH on high efficacy transformative impacts of music on the brain, by utilizing AFFILIATION WITH UNESCO, and linked to it UNITED NATIONS and WHO.  This urgent collaboration needs to focus on creating worldwide network,mdedicated to rid creation of ADDITIONAL music education/self-growth/therapy resources  to overcome multigenerational emotional detachment and disengagement, sensory starvation, and unaffordable consequences of lacking INTEGRATIVE MINDSET. Dominant oversimplified vision of polyphonic reality and its multitasking symphonic development, critical for advancing human brain beyond its evolutionary relics during critical time for our species survival may no longer be the obstacle to sustainable future for humankind.

Ms. Rozalina Gutman’s “Sensory Sobriety Guide” is based on discovered by her Bach’s Fugue-Parody. It provides framing for music therapy modalities and trauma resilience curricula, by using it as the fluid experiential container for embodying, reflecting, analyzing the individual elements of compound trauma and their interaction, AND repatterning otherwise impossible to grasp blockages, and then, to resolve the compound effects of their cognitive dissonance of various nature.

This unique capacity to remedy the root cause of the most blind spots can elevate the level of intellectual leadership, by helping to prevent their emergence into the form of the harmful institutionalized collective consciousness of the society. Individuals who would be able to shape their capacity for intellectual leadership, by creating integrative, emotionally/analytically balanced, bilateral brain function could be capable of the new level of leadership that humanity needs most urgently at the pivotal juncture in human history..

BACH SENSORY DEACTIVATION EFFECT illuminates sociosomatic roots of sensory oblivion to normalized and illegally legalized chemical hazards. And one of the most shivering examples of pitiful outcomes from driven by unbalanced mindset leadership is the trying destiny of the current generation to face the critical for the Humankind moment during COUNTDOWN’2045 - the short time left for making drastic changes to prevent projected by researchers by 2045 mass infertility and onset of  H U M A N  E X T I N T I O N, resulting from RAPIDLY SPEEDING RATE OF PLUMMETING SPERM COUNTS, that is to reach ZERO by 2045.  (See Dr. Shanna Swan’s book “COUNT DOWN”) 

Thanks to the capacity of the Music instinct to counterpoint and to repattern ancient instinctive relics of incivility within the human brain, based on research data on neurochemicals involved in mechanism of human emotion, described by Candace Pert, PhD  In her book “Molecules of Emotions”.  This is the tangible pathway for overcoming dominance of self defeat consciousness that may not be tolerated without vast suffering and obliteration of birthright for the upcoming generations, due to mindlessness of today’s members of our society.

Ms. Rozalina Gutman’s use of the strategies to foster creation of young students’ authentic narrative for the classical music pieces led her to prodigious success of young age students.  Her creation of the unique scaffolding in the form of her original  Cadenza for the 3rd Movement of Mozart’s Concerto #21, composed by her “for Genius with Little Hands” that allowed for the prodigious success of her 8 y.o., was included in peer-reviewed Paper, part of the Proceedings of ISME Commission for Educating Professional Musicians. This approach in her  teaching practice that at the time intuitively combined theraspy modalities is one of the key reasons for the uncommon success of her students in reaching their Higher Human Potential that defies conventional low expectations of child’s learning abilities.


Her passionate actions of advocacy (at times at tremendous personal sacrifice and with life risk ) had been informed by her obligation of all gifted artistes and musicians and their audiences to practice HEROIC IMAGINATION, in order to help galvanize the society for the fight for the collective survival, highly threatened today by lack of awareness for the vastness of the  chemical warfare on population, particularly spread ubiquitously in USA, due to the normalized ethical violations, permitting LARGE SCALE OF BRIBERY to be illegally legalized IN THE FORM OF POLITICAL CAMPAIGN CONTRIBUTIONS (contrary to EU).  

Ms. Gutman offers the strategy of using Music as applied tool to optimize cognitive performance, to help fostering self compassion, sympathy, caring for all living creatures, and other less obvious aspects of emotional intelligence, as well as to nurture the ability to grasp the universal INTERCONNECTEDNESS, through experiential development of abstract cognition, permitted  through music during early age, that are critical, in order to help relating to the abstract concepts of high ethics, such as Golden Rule, Oneness, Global Coherence etc.  

Ms. Gutman had proposed to include such training for regular re-certification of the leadership representatives as the part of the settlements of the environmental class action suits and extraditions by International Tribunal Court for CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY, to require  supervised longterm ongoing sensory reawakening therapy for the notorious profiteers from human suffering. 

Despite passing of centuries, Ms. Gutman’s unconventional life path of committed Artivist and embattled veteran advocate for access to the vital for everyone practices of Music and the Arts had a lot of similarity to the hurdles of many outstanding gifted musicians of present and the past, who had been forced by the leading societal forces to give their “Oath to Poverty”  and as the result, were unable to have the means for the legal defense from unfair and brutal retaliation by the society’s unethical self-serving public servants that misused their authority in the uneven battle, representing the Goliath and embodying incivility of the unethical instincts and evolutionary relics of the human brain. (Ms. Gutman’s musical gift is linked to the genes of King David who had conquered the Goliath, thanks to his CREATIVE MINDSET OF MUSICIAN...) That is why, Ms. Gutman’s work is focused on offering the Music-centered tools for COGNITIVE ADVANCEMENT FOR THE EFFECTIVE LEADERSHIP, including development of polyphonic vision of the reality, the sense of fluid symphonic priorities, proactive creativity in problem solving, overcoming the tunnel vision elements of the residual traumatic experiences, abstract and conceptual cognitive skills etc.

She had been vocal about the need for the urgent change from practicing absurd inertia of inept and incapable leadership that lacks the sense of priority for using Music and the Arts, as the desperately needed mental health tools of high efficacy, pointing to the evidence of their disability to propel the change in the society in the ways it treats its national treasures, embodied into the Gift of music and Arts among musicians and Artistes.  She had brought the attention to the miserable failure of most of government  agencies in area of THE COMPLIANCE WITH THE MODERN RESEARCH ON THE SUBJECTS OF HIGH EFFICACY IMPACTS OF MUSIC ON THE BRAIN, POINTING TO THE STRONG EVIDENCE FOR THE LEGAL BATTLES TO ADDRESS THE RESULTING  MULTIDISCIPLINARY IMPACTS OF SIGNIFICANT ECONOMIC LOSSES AND SUFFERING THROUGHOUT SOCIETY, and the need for collective efforts of all progressive forces to achieve the changes that are centuries overdue. Millions of J.S.Bach ‘s devotees have the duty to join his plight, demanding for the centuries overdue APOLOGY TO BOTH J.S.BACH AND TO THE ARTS AND MUSIC and personally, to each of their practitioners! NOW:  For example, she proposed that all state government agencies throughout the world would VOLUNTARILY act, or otherwise, should be made obligated to provide THE CENTURIES OVERDUE UNIVERSAL PROPERTY TAX CREDIT TO THE TEACHING MUSICIANS/ARTISTES, AS WELL AS TO THE EXPRESSIVE ARTS AND MUSIC THERAPY PROVIDERS, whose creative input provides enormous community mental health benefits, while getting little or no logistical, promotional, funding and other support for their highly burdening  facilitation expenses, sabotaging BALANCED FUNCTION OF THE BRAIN’S HEMISPHERES. And this nearsightedness of unqualified for the task leadership style comes at the enormous cost of the future generations, having to inherit UNPACKED TRAUMA OF THEIR ANCESTORS, passed on through genetic changes in DNA

Ms.Rozalina Gutman has been vocal about BLM issues, while trying to point out the blind spots of the movement: Unearthed by her J.S.Bach’s  Fugue-Parody was composed by  Genius Convict- J.S.Bach  around the time when  his shamelessly barbaric, wealthy, yet spiritually impoverished harassers misused their power for the FALSE IMPRISONMENT of Genius, as the tool for assassination of his character !  Now, the discourse on this outrage committed by those in power chairs helps us understand that THE CENTURIES OVERDUE PRISON REFORM, among multitude of other parts of our reality has TO BEGIN BY REFORMING THE FIELDS OF CLINICAL PSYCHOLOGY AND THE ARTS - through integration of Expressive Arts curriculum training into all counseling programs, and by expanding the coursework on music and Arts-related psychology and neuroscience research for professIona training of musicians and Artistes.  

Her personal J.S.Bach-led emotional liberation journey led her to the discoveries of composer’s 300 y.o. lessons for today’s neuroscientists that could be grasped, thanks to the remarkable power of his complex music to reflect otherwise hidden aspects of the human brain, with incredible implications throughout society.  These revelations came to her with the obligation to share them and to empower musicians and their audiences worldwide, manifesting into Intl Campaign LIBERATE BACH! to raise awareness of under-publicized evidence of signed by the composer’s hand document that serves as the official permission to renounce false educational standards that mistakenly require to render dispassionate interpretation of J.S.Bach as “historically informed”, ironically.

These discoveries in turn led to the ideas for broadening philosophical concepts and specific hands-on applications of music-centered cognitive advancement technology Transformative Music Listening™️, that utilizes other less abstract Arts in the unique Arts-synergy format that allows to integrate high efficacy music matrix into the practice of counselors with limited/no musical literacy, as the counterpoint to unproductive and illogical, yet common dominance of verbal-only approaches.

She underlines the reasons for the optimism, despite cataclysmic changes: with the special creative scaffolding for bridging the steep learning curve, these fun and engaging applications can be used by the general public for FOSTERING COGNITIVE ADVANCEMENT AND EMOTIONAL LIBERATION, allowing for the process of re-patterning of the synaptic connections, related to the unpacked trauma residue, that acts as the prism, distorting the reality perception, effecting both personal and professional lives of individuals and the society at our critical moment, while being on the brink of MINDLESS self-extinction.

Thanks to relentless commitment of Rozalina Gutman,  missed for centuries J.S.Bach’s lessons on resilience through musical humor can be finally grasped and learned by many of the victims of unfairness, giving birth to the worldwide Campaign to gather the vanguard of the Humankind - the peaceful Shambhalla Worriers, for propelling meaningful change from the self-defeating paradigms in the human brain, by repatterning  hazardous for all convention of disregarding the power of the Arts and Music, that is confirmed by the research to be able to elicit healing, feel good  neurotransmitters (dopamine, oxytocin, endorphins etc ) through PROACTIVE engagement with music, with high therapeutic efficacy, but without side effects of drugs.  

Today’s vastly common personal lack of the musical literacy and skills that is most essential for the balanced leadership capacity during the tangible threat for elimination the vast amounts of pollution, has to be overcome for the sake of the next generations.  Ms. Gutman calls upon all practitioners of the ancestral gift of Music and the Arts to shift to the modalities that are able to mitigate the outcomes of the  Fight-or-Flight and other debilitating, yet present in the human brain instincts (pointing their link  to the most painful for all corruption of mind and mindlessness of failing to treat URGENTLY THE ENVIRONMENTAL ROOTS OF ENVIRONMENTAL ILLNESSES of cancers, dementia, autism, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, infertility, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, autoimmune, heart, lung, brain, liver etc. diseases...  Ms. Gutman’s efforts to address the widespread environmental insanity needs and deserves much support, due to the increasing urgency to address our shared enemy and indiscriminate killer! 

Ms. Rozalina Gutman calls all progressive forces to join  her multidisciplinary strive to raise awareness about the lesser known fact that SOUND/MUSICAL VIBRATIONS are most powerful transformative tool to be used for resolving the current universal existential crisis for the Humanity, thanks to  THE VIBRATIONAL ESSENCE OF OUR UNIVERSE, outlined in the Einstein’s String Theory, according to which on subatomic level, any variations in the matter of everything and everybody is nothing, but the  variations of the vibrations of different frequencies, and the source of the musical Oneness of our Universe (also implemented in Tesla’s inventions).  And thus, vibration is the unifying measure of all matter in our Universe, and that’s why, it is critical to focus on harnessing the intangible, and yet invaluable power of Music instinct, to bring humanity together by aligning with the Universe’s foundational vibrational essences