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Pirjo Nenonen, MPhil, music teacher, singing teacher, singer, author. Her doctoral dissertation Holistic way to teach singing with body movements is in the reviewing process in Finland. Studies at the University of Jyväskylä, Finland (Music pedagogy, Vocal studies, Piano, Music Therapy, Music and Movement Education), at the Music Conservatory of Helsinki, (Vocal Studies), at the University of Salzburg “Mozarteum”, Austria (Advanced Studies in Music and Dance Education, Orff-Schulwerk). Teaching activities at schools (Primary, Secondary, Upper secondary), at the Conservatory of Helsinki (Music and Movement Education, Orff-Pedagogy, Ensemble Playing), at the University of Helsinki (Music Pedagogy), at the University of Oulu (Vocal Studies), Finland, Private Music University Konservatorium Wien, Austria (Vocal pedagogy). She has published several music books (Music and movement, Singing/Vocal education). Currently she teaches Singing/ Vocal studies in the music school Johann Sebastian Bach and music education in the upper secondary school Kandlgasse in Vienna, Austria. She has lived in Vienna, in Austria since 2007.