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Natalie Alexandra Tse is a performer, educator, researcher whose practice as an experimental improviser has led her towards researching into babies’ sonic play through her doctoral studies and motherhood. As a guzheng (Chinese zither) performer, she has been experimenting with sonic experiences through extended techniques, creating different textures, ambience and emotions evoked through her instrument.

 Natalie is the co-founder and resident artist of SAtheCollective, an arts company that investigates the relationship amongst Man, Nature and Technology, through the alchemy of Ritual, Play and Improvisation. She founded LittleCr3atures™, the young audience initiative of the company, where younglings up to 36 months old get to experience pure, unadulterated play with sound and soundful objects in a safe and immersive space. Her recent works include Nadam (2018), Frame Dragging – Motherhood (2020), and Home in Nature, Nature in Home (2021).




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