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Convenor of the Practice and Research in Integrated Music Education (PRIME) SIG
Markus Cslovjecsek holds a Chair for Music Education and is a member of the Management Board of the Institute for Secondary Education, which is part of the School for Teacher Educa-tion in the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland. He shares his experience and perspectives as a visiting professor at the Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona. As a coordinator, teacher, researcher and author he is particularly interested in the development of an integrated perspective for music in schools. Markus is Co-Editor of the book series Mousikae Paideia for Lang Publishers, he was the director of the project Mathe macht Musik for Klett and Balmer publications. Markus initiated ISME SIG Practice and Research in Integrated Music Education, the European Music Portfolio EU-Comenius Project, was a member of the steering group in EMP – A Creative Way into Languages (2009-2012) and leading partner in EMP – Sounding Ways into Mathematics (2013-2016). As CEO he is responsible for cstools GmbH where he develops innovative learning materials (i.e. creafon, soundOscope) and pro-vides workshops to foster creativity and human resources in organisations and enterprises. Markus is founder and Co-Director of the Choir Kantorei Solothurn.