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Member of the ISME Board
Margré van Gestel is an avid music educator since 1976 with a specialisation in young children. After receiving a degree as a primary school teacher she obtained a certificate Orff Schulwerke (1978) and a higher degree in Music in Education (Conservatory Utrecht 1993). She is the co-founder of music education courses for parents and children 0-4 in the Netherlands and made substantial contributions to its accredited teacher training course. She was founder and chair (2008-2014) of the foundation for pre-school music education (Stichting Muziek op Schoot) in The Netherlands. She was secretary and later the chair of the Dutch Foundation Toddlers and Music (1989-2001) and is the secretary of the board of Gehrels Music Education (Dutch National Society for Music Education) since 2002 (INA member since 2006). Being an ISME member since 1992 she was the chair of the Early Childhood Music Education Commission (2010-2014) published in national and international journals and has presented at many conferences and symposia since 1992.