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José Luis Aróstegui (BMus, BEd, PhD Ed) is Professor of Music Education at the Granada University Music Education Department, Spain. He has presented papers at all the ISME conferences since 2002, hosted the 2004 MISTEC seminar in Granada, and served as MISTEC Commissioner (2004-2010) and Chair (2008-2010). He has carried out postdoc research at the University of Illinois (2001-2003) and participated in many international projects, convening a EU evaluation major about music teacher education in Europe and Latin America (2004-2007). At the moment he is leading a R&D bid sponsored by the Government of Spain about "The Impact of Music Eduction for the Knowledge Society and Economy in Spain" (2015-2017). Derived from his research projects, he has presented papers at national and international conferences, published numerous academic articles (in IJME; BCRME; AEPR…) and papers (Routledge, OUP, Sense Publishers…). José Luis serves as member of the IJME-Research Editorial Board since 2004, and is the Editor of RevistaInternacional de Educación Musical, a new ISME international journal in Spanish.