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David Johnson is an Assistant Professor of Music at Western Norway University of Applied Sciences, Bergen, Norway since August, 2021. His research has focused on the history and evolution of singing practices and song repertoire in Nordic schools, sustaining Indigenous and traditional singing practices through music education, singing and language development, digital platforms in music learning, and ethnomusicology.

David is a founding member and regional coordinator of Decolonising and Indigenising Music Education (DIME), a special interest group of the International Society for Music Education (ISME). In 2017 he cofounded Singing in Music Education (SiME) (, a European research organization that brings together dozens of vocal education researchers and practitioners associated with the European Association for Music in Schools (EAS). He is currently a researcher within Singing Health in Schools, a 5-year project studying the effects of daily singing on children's cognitive, psychosocial, and language development within the Swedish national initiative for children’s singing, Sjungande Barn. He is also the leader of the Singing Map of Scandinavia initiative which brings together researchers from universities in all five Nordic countries to promote Indigenous and traditional singing cultures in music education. David is a guitarist and singer-songwriter and holds a Master's in Classical Guitar from the Royal Danish Academy of Music, Denmark, and a Doctorate in Music Education from Malmö Academy of Music, Sweden (2021). His doctoral thesis, Raising voices: singing repertoire and practices in Swedish schools, was based on a national questionnaire survey examining the place of singing in contemporary music education in Sweden.