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Clare Hall (Ph.D.) is Lecturer in Performing Arts, Monash University, Australia. Her research, educational and artistic practice coalesces around music, sound and performance to promote more just and sustainable creative arts participation across the lifespan. Her interdisciplinary scholarship bridges boundaries between the arts, education, and sociology to understand how the interplay between social categories of difference and colonialism influences arts teaching and learning. Clare's key contribution to date is in music and gender, which is the subject of her most recent book Masculinity, Class and Music Education (2018, Palgrave). She served as Co-convenor of the International Symposium on the Sociology of Music Education 2016-2019 and is Co-founder/convenor of the Decolonising and Indigenising Music Education SIG. Her current projects include disrupting gender inequalities in Australian jazz and troubling ableism through deaf music.