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Choral educator & Researcher about the adolescent's changing voices
Alfonso Elorriaga is a lecturer at the music department of the Autonoma University of Madrid. His doctoral dissertation was on singing with adolescents, and his articles have been published in several international journals, as well as his books. Alfonso has presented summer workshops on vocal education for teenagers, and seminars on music education for school music teachers in Spain and abroad. He studied music education in Madrid (Spain) and further studied at the Orff Institute (Mozarteum University) in Salzburg (Austria). Lately he focused on choral education and gained wide experience in school chorus management. He is leading the ‘Voices for living together’ project in a Madrid high school, a collaborative project on choral education with teenagers, which has brought him several awards in Spain and abroad (Romania, China, France, etc.). His research interests include didactics of choral education on adolescence and creating of curriculum materials for choral singing at secondary education. Within these fields, he’s currently active and involved in different projects, together with Dr. Patrick K. Freer (Georgia State University, USA) and Dr. Jose Luis Aróstegui (University of Granada, Spain), among others.