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The World Alliance for Arts Education (WAAE) is a joint iniative between ISME, IDEA (International Drama/Theatre Education Association), INSea (International Society of Education through Art) and WDA  (World Dance Alliance). This is an announcement by WAAE. 


Call for abstracts open until 1 December 2018
Call for full paper due on 28 February 2019

The 8th World Alliance for Arts Education International Conference

For all arts educators from across the arts disciplines of music, visual arts, architecture, dance, literature, drama, film,heritage and multimedia.
  1. Directions and innovations for arts education and lifelong learning.
  2. Reviving cultural traditions: Challenges and opportunities for the environment, culture and arts education
  3. The increasing interplay between technology, multimedia, interactive media and social media within arts education
  4. Creative industries and arts education and sustainable development (urbanism, economy, climate, environmental,
  5. cultural, wellbeing, education)
  6. The future of the arts in shaping and responding to cultural and political trends
  7. The role of arts education and arts in confronting discrimination, extremism and violence
  8. 7Arts education and wellbeing across the generations
  9. The role of museums and historical sites/events/items in sustaining arts education
  10. Preserving and transforming heritage: intersections between art, architecture and archaeology.

Hosted by Egypt Future Foundation for Heritage, Development and Innovation

Sponsored by Faculty of Art Education, Faculty of Music Education, Academy of Arts International Academy of Science, Lebanon

Conference’s website
Brochures are attached below.
WAAE 8th International Conference. Arabic brochure Download
WAAE.8th International Conference. English brochure Download